Meet our new events manager

24th July 2019
Event Finished

This month we sat down with our new events manager Holly Britton, who discussed what makes Selhurst Park such a great venue to host events in.

What makes Selhurst Park unique?

It’s a venue that boasts a lot of history in the football world, and is renowned for its incredible atmosphere and authentic feel, throughout the Stadium. Each of the event spaces reflects on successful era that Selhurst Park has played host to, and are only a few metres away from the Premier League pitch that has seen such iconic moments as David Beckham scoring from the half way line.

Our 12 event spaces can cater for any event from an intimate dinner overlooking the pitch for 10 people, to a large exhibition or job fair for 600 guests throughout the day.

What’s the best event you’ve organised since you started?

There are so many different types of events that we plan and execute for different companies or for family parties. One of the best ones we planned was for a corporate client who wanted to do something unique for their stakeholders in one of our Executive Boxes – it was a 3-course meal with different wine options, pitch views, and we then treated them to a behind the scenes look at some of the iconic Selhurst Park locations!

Another one we did was for a family who were planning a birthday party for their daughter. It was hosted in the Stanley Stephenson Lounge and we arranged all the decorations for them, and had a children’s table set up in the middle of the room for them to eat at, with a huge flower wall behind, it looked amazing, and both the parents and the children had so much fun.

Who has been the most enjoyable guest speaker at one of Selhurst Parks’ networking events?

 My favourite guest speaker would have to be Frank Bruno, he was a guest at one of our Sporting Dinner’s we hosted not too long ago. He was incredibly interesting and the guests all had so much fun. Frank had so many stories to tell, and he gave his opinions on some of the current Boxing Legends – both evenings he was here were fantastic.

 Do you work closely with outside suppliers?

 We work with so many different companies externally to ensure all of the events are perfectly catered for. We always offer our clients the option to arrange their own decorations or let them know that it’s something we can plan to. Recently we hosted a Birthday Party and we arranged a photo booth and large light up letters, it was such a great personalised touch. Aside from decorations we also work closely with entertainment companies to provide live musical acts, staging areas and even dance floors as well as so much more – it’s amazing how many entertainment options there are to make an event have that wow factor.

How do you deliver the perfect menus for your guests?

The food aspect of an event is so important to us, we work really closely as a team with our Head Chef who plans, prepares and executes all of our food needs for every event. It’s something that we really pride ourselves on, and we’ve had great feedback about the quality of the food. Our Head Chef Julien is Michelin star experienced, and he brings so much expertise and knowledge to the planning of all our menu’s, he’s also incredibly open to adjusting menus and catering to exactly what the client wants which is really good, as it means each event is unique in its food offerings. He’s very aware of the diverse cultures that our guests come from, so we have a number of menus that offer different styles of service as well as different cuisines!

Talk us through the booking process when planning an event

We aim to make the booking process as easy and as stress free as possible, we want people to enjoy planning their event, and look forward to it, rather than worrying about the details. We make sure we listen to what the client wants, and put together a proposal that we believe would surpass their needs. Often, we’ll arrange a meeting at the Stadium to show them the spaces, it always helps to meet face-to-face as it gives a better idea of exactly what they’re looking for. From there the event is then passed onto our in-house Event Coordinator to plan all the finer details, including place names, table decorations and music choice. We’re very involved with the client from start to finish, it’s key to make sure the event they picture in their head, is the event that’s executed on the day.

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