Trending Summer Eats

With the changing seasons, and the ever evolving culinary landscape, we have taken a look into this year’s summer trends in food (and also let you know how we are incorporating these new foods into our menus at Selhurst Park!


Street Inspired Eats
Food trucks have been increasing in popularity for the past several years, and that trend doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Whether your favourites in London are Borough Market or Box Park in Croydon or Shoreditch, everyone is loving the market/ street food feel. The portability, convenience, and distinctive qualities of street-inspired food are what make it so popular, and you can recreate that no matter your locale.

We are opening the new Fan Zone for match days at Selhurst Park and hoping to incorporate this concept into the different food kiosks in this area.

Locally Sourced Ingredients
Over the past few years buying local has become more and more important to the food industry, so much so that local butchers are seeing an upswing in businesses. This is great for supporting local businesses as well as ensuring that all livestock are treated humanely and produce is fresh.

Not only are we using more and more locally sourced ingredients at Selhurst Park, we are creating and maintain new relationships with local produce, meat, fish and cheese suppliers to ensure that we are providing the best ingredients for all our events.

Fusion and New Flavours
Ethnic cuisine and fusion is a huge restaurant trend for summer. Authenticity is key in this market and the new fusion of different cuisines is on the rise.

As we have been planning our menus for the next season we have taken into account this trend and sought out new global ingredients and inspiration.