Spring treats in SE19

It’s getting warmer outside so we’ve decided to compile a list of reasons to eat more ice cream (as if you really needed another one!)

1 Changing flavours: Walk into any coffee shop throughout the year and you’ll be guaranteed to find several ‘seasonal specials’. The reason being is similar to how seasons change, so do people’s palettes, and this is no different to changing flavours of gourmet ice cream!

2 Ultimate comfort food: Regardless of the weather, ice cream remains one of the go to sweet treats for both the young and old! Serve a scoop with sticky toffee pudding for something warming and filling in the winter months, and munch away on a 99 in the summer!

3 On Doctors orders: Depending on the illness, doctors have been known to encourage their patients to eat ice cream – for example after surgery that involves the mouth or the throat. Not only is it tasty, it also has a soothing and calming effect on irritated areas. The dairy version is also full of vitamin D.

4 Freezer food: There’s always supermarket deals on desserts which often means the sell-by date is fast approaching. However, buying ice-cream usually gives you a longer shelf life, so you’ve every reason to stock up the freezer  and save a few tubs for a rainy day!

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