Event Planning Apps

We’ve rounded up the apps which should be part of every event planner’s toolkit. Some will be better known than others, but all are useful in the different stages of event management and delivery.

For creative inspiration: Pinterest
Thousands of images can be shared and stored on Pinterest (effectively a picture library) and is particularly useful for those tasked with coming up with themes and designs for different events. Create a Pinterest account and set up a ‘board’ where everyone in your team can view and share ideas.

For collecting images: Capsule
This app allows images to be saved all in one place which if using for an event, means no more having to chase different photographers/members of staff to send you their photos. All you have to do is ask your designated picture takers to download the Capsule app, and all the pictures they take will be imported into your shared ‘capsule’ online.

For keeping organised: Evernote
Evernote allows you to store images, text, web pages, emails, anything you think is relevant to your event, all in one place. You can also categorise your saved items by adding tags which makes everything much easier to find.

For instant communication: Slack
 Slack is similar to WhatsApp, replacing long-winded emails and messages with short ‘chat room’ style texts. If you have to manage a large team as well as various contractors (think catering, florists, venue managers) Slack also allows you to create separate groups and add tags to messages which makes finding information far easier.

For scheduling and keeping track of big projects: Asana
Asana is a website that allows you to plan, create and share with members of your team. There are various dashboard, to-do list and conversations to get the ball rolling on any project. There are also features that allow you to share documents with other users and track the progress of different tasks. Many teams have deemed it has the ‘Tesla of productivity.’