Wining and Dining

Director at Crystal Palace Football Club and Farr Vinters Chairman Stephen Browett offers insight into Selhurst Park’s flagship wines and his role as wine tutor at the venue’s popular Business Club Lunch events.


Wine tasting at corporate events: “Since I got involved with the club (in 2010) I don’t think I’ve ever missed a Business Club Lunch. I do a wine tutorial with guests during the lunch where I take them through the wines being served. There is a different white wine and red wine at each event, and I explain what the wines are, what grapes they were made from, where the grapes were grown, and how the wines were made. I really enjoy doing it, and to my knowledge I don’t think there is any other football club who has an owner that is involved in choosing and talking about the wine.”

Wines on offer at Selhurst Park: “We serve a number of fine wines which are reasonably priced, and often cheaper than you’d find in a restaurant. We normally serve the fine wines in Speroni’s restaurant, or on a matchday in the Executive boxes and the Boardroom. I chose Selhurst Park’s flagship wines which are the Eagle Chardonnay and Eagle Red. They’re specially bottled and produced for Crystal Palace with the club’s Eagle logo on the labels and can be bought from the club shop.

Taste test – Eagle Chardonnay: “The Chardonnay is a nice smooth white wine with a little bit of an oaky character but has good freshness and acidity and that goes really well with fish, salads, and chicken. It can also be drunk on its own, or as an aperitif.”

Taste test – Eagle Red: “The Eagle Red is made just outside of Bordeaux and it’s a full bodied merlot. It’s a smooth red wine which is great with red meat, main courses, and cheese –  it’s a classic Bordeaux style red. It would stand up to a chili con carne no problem, but we’ve got some other red wines that would suit more full flavoured food – the more flavour, the more robust you want the wine to be.”

Selhurst Park’s Speroni’s restaurant is the perfect space to host a dinner, wedding party, or corporate event, where you’ll be able to sample some of the fine wines and ales we have on offer.

I really enjoy what I do, I don’t think there is any other football club who has an owner that is involved in choosing and talking about the wine they offer
Stephen Browett