Behind the Scenes: Food Photography

A few weeks ago we held food photography at Selhurst Park for our new retail offering and we wanted to give you a behind the scene look into our food photograph y and the process that goes into making sure all of our food looks as scrumptious as it tastes!

Below are some of our tips and tricks that we used during the day with our food stylist Ellie and photographer Chris.

Even though you may be used to cooking in a kitchen and not think twice about the lighting in the environment, when going to photograph your food it is important to make sure the lighting is perfect. Treat the food as you would any other still life subject. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of natural light from the windows in the boardroom where we filmed, but if you have the opportunity to photograph near an open window with natural light we highly recommend it.

Arrangement and props: It is important to make sure that you aren’t only paying attention to how you are arranging the food, but also the context that you are putting the food in. For us, some of our foods like our new offering of Soulful Food pots, we showed on a spoon! Make sure not to go overboard though and clutter the photo with too much background items – let the food be the hero!

Work quickly: Once the food is ready to be photographed you have to make sure you get to it quickly! Make sure that before you dress and cook your food, the area is all ready to go avoid anything melting/ wilting or changing color. You have to be prepared and know what you are dealing with.

Get inspiration: Look online or in your favourite cook books to get inspiration for how food is set up and photographed in other settings. If the photograph has made it into a cook book, chances are it’s quite aesthetically pleasing and you can gain a lot of different ideas from it.