Meet Selhurst Park: Head Chef Justin Dodd

This week, we got to know a bit more about our Head Chef, Justin Dodd. He works hard every day to create delicious meals for all events and match days – read on to learn more!

Job title: Head Chef

How many years have you been working at CPFC? Just over 5

What event has been  your favourite?

We had a charity football match here a few years ago and fed the cast of Eastenders and other celebrities which was great fun.

Also, match days are my favourite! [There was one match] when we came from 3-0 down against Liverpool and scored 3 goals in 11 minutes to make it 3-3 which was a great atmosphere for everyone in the stadium!

What is your favourite food that you have cooked for an event?

That’s a really difficult one, because we have so many menus and different events. I enjoy cooking for all of them, but my favourite dishes that we have on our menu are:

Starter: Pea and asparagus veloute with spinach and ricotta ravioli, finished with truffle oil and Parmesan and pea shoots.

Main: Braised belly pork rubbed with chili, garlic, and thyme with a cider and apple jus, fondant potato, charred fennel, baby leeks and beetroot finished with a toffee apple crisp.

Dessert: And to finish chocolate Triumph with chocolate sauce.

What is your favourite thing about working in this industry?

Walking into one of our restaurants and see our customer’s enjoy thier experience and receive their feedback is my favourite.

What is a fun fact about you? 

I have three corn snakes, one Royal python, a leopard gecko, three hissing Madagascan cockroaches and two gold fish as pets!

What defines good customer service for you? 

Ensuring that we cook the tastiest, most eye-catching food possible for our customers, accommodating all dietary requirements, using the best quality ingredients sourced from quality supplier and cooked by my team of professionals, with passion and a smile.

What is so special about working at CPFC/ why did you decide to work here?

It really is a great place to work. There is a strong backbone of staff who  make Selhurst a fun, professional and rewarding place to work. I also work with a great team of professional and passionate chefs and kitchen porters, who put a lot of hard work and pride into thier job, which shows through in the quality of food that we serve to our customers.